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  • Product Code: SH2621804/19012
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Firearm comes with a sustrac break silencer, orignal muzzle break, bipod and a Lynx 5-30x56mm Second focal plane scope.

firearm looks almost brand new!

After using the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) in many other calibres, ranging from .17 HMR up to .308, it was great to get hold of the largest .338 Variant. This heavy (for the UK) calibre isn’t the most common or one many people see or shoot. It’s certainly not the first .338 I have fully reviewed and have trialled many others and they all have a common factor to consider – it’s not the recoil, it’s the noise generated.

I have had a couple that were moderated but most are braked with corresponding factors to consider and I’m a stickler for protecting my hearing, so with a laterally ported brake, I went to WMS Firearms Training in Wales with nobody to disturb where I could exercise a .338 at longer ranges.

This RPR was box fresh in its padded carton. It’s a big chunk to lift out, at just under 8kg, and with a suitable scope and bipod added comes to 9kg/20lbs overall when ready to shoot. The first factor is the big Magnum muzzle brake which can be turned through slight rotation at the threaded muzzle to modify muzzle reaction to your taste. It’s a laterally ported unit with twin vents left and right directing blast almost perpendicular to the bore axis. It’s locked in position with Allen screws and a rear nut but the 3/4x24 thread beneath can also be used to add a moderator, if that is your preference; it would definitely be mine in the long term.

Mods don’t cut as much recoil as brakes but are a bit more sociable. Physical recoil from an unbraked or moderated .338 is tolerable from a heavy rifle anyway. The barrel is cold hammer forged with 5R rifling, which is supposed to offer gentle jacket handling and its 1 in 8.375" twist rate stabilises long bullets up to 300gr. The barrel is 23mm diameter at the muzzle with a slight taper towards the action through its 26"/660mm length.

Minimum bore and groove dimensions, headspace and centralized chamber are advertised for maximised performance from the 4140 Chrome-Moly, rather than coated stainless steel. RPRs were one of the first mainstream chassis rifles with a proprietary stock from the maker, and here the octagonal forend is 58mm wide by 52mm tall. It extends 480mm/19" from the action’s face and shows masses of space for M-Lock accessories as well as a full-length underside 38mm dovetail compatible with RRS ‘S.O.A.R.’ and similar QD systems.

I had hoped to add a wide-stance Tier One bipod but, in the end, none were in stock so I added a good old-fashioned Harris. This itself led me to one very interesting and positive conclusion later in the review process!

Judging where the receiver begins and the chassis ends is a hard topic with the RPR as it was designed from concept as a homogenous rifle, not a combination of parts and this factor shows. The 4140-steel upper and 7075 aluminium lower are perfectly colour matched with the lower’s Type III Black Hard-Coat Anodized finish offering a tough surface. The bolt is the same chrome-moly steel to minimize distortion. The trigger is Ruger’s Marksman Adjustable unit with a weight range of (2.25 to 5lb). It’s a familiar design breaking in a single stage after take-up of the initial movement on the inner blade.

This one broke at a consistent 830 +/-20gr (30oz) with what I will describe as a 98% crisp feel with which I was more than happy. The extended trigger-reach AR-style grip gave a 60mm throat to blade stretch and the ambidextrous safety selector sits at the top with a 45 degree throw from safe/fire. Any AR-style grip and selector can be added if desired.

Construction is 100% solid with no rattles or movement, courtesy of excellent machining standards visible on the steel bolt and virtually zero flexibility in the tubular forend, which fully floats the barrel at all times.
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